Mission, Vision & Values

The Landings Club Philosophy

The philosophy of The Landings Club can be summed up in its Mission, Values, Service Process, I am Member Ready Basics, and Mantra. These form the basis of all we do, our interactions with members, guests, and fellow employees. They are contained on what we call the "Compass," a wallet-sized four-fold that should be with employees at all times. It is a part of the uniform whether you wear a uniform or not. Every employee receives a Compass at orientation, and they are available in Human Resources.


We create a fulfilling lifestyle bound by relevant activities and enduring relationships, served by empowered, genuinely caring service professionals.

WE Value

  • Our members: the lifeblood of our Club and object of all of our efforts.
  • Talented Professionals: we choose the best and are committed to their growth and development.
  • Team Work: every job is everyone's job. We give of ourselves to help colleagues.
  • Integrity: our words are integrated with our walk. We do what we say.
  • Accountability: we honor commitments and are responsible to make things happen.
  • Initiative: service professionals anticipate … they do things before they are asked.
  • Safety: everyone proactively protects members, staff and our assets from harm or misuse.
  • Continuous Improvement: good is the enemy of best, best is the enemy of better.

Service Process

Every interaction will follow this form:

  1. Greet everyone with kindness, a smile and sincerity. Use the member's proper name.*
  2. Give everyone your best service … quickly comply with expressed wants and wishes and anticipate any additional needs. Use the member's name.
  3. Thank everyone for the opportunity to serve and welcome them back. Use the member's name.

* Unless strongly directed otherwise

I am Member Ready Basics

Everyday manifestations of service:

  1. I am an ambassador of The Landings Club. I speak positively in and outside of my work environment.
  2. I am always professional in my grooming, conduct and verbiage. I avoid words like “yup” and “you guys.” I use the members’ last name in every interaction.
  3. I protect the privacy and confidentiality of member, staff and Club information.
  4. I own and immediately solve problems or complaints.I L.E.A.R.N.* from opportunities.
  5. I am empowered and look for ways to personalize service. I smile and serve from the heart. Memorable or “WOW” service will be defined by our members.
  6. I work clean, respect member spaces and never walk past trash. I fix, clean or report broken or unsafe situations and behaviors.
  7. I am reliable and timely in my responses. I practice the “24 hour rule.” I deliver impeccable service.
  8. I am knowledgeable of The Landings Club’s offerings and I will continuously improve my service knowledge.
  9. I am The Landings Club. Our collective efforts determine our destiny.

* Listen, Empathize, Apologize, Respond, Notify